Saturday mornings are reserved for our play time. Our children were in their teens and largely self sufficient by this time so our mornings are usually uninterrupted. We have breakfast then return to bed to play, often spending several hours in each others arms alternating between lovemaking, talking and just hard fucking. Both children were gone this particular weekend.

Stag life

An Unexpected Invitation

This Saturday was different. Thomas was still on our minds from the night before. We were back in bed after breakfast. Jason toyed and teased me until we were both ready, and he entered me slowly. His cock is a perfect fit, and it always makes me moan. The moment he was buried within me, he said he didn’t want to wait.

He said, “I want to invite Thomas back tonight and watch him fuck you.” I just might have cum a little in that moment.

He continued with long, deep strokes, both of us breathing heavily, and I replied, “Are you sure?” He said absolutely, and then an urgency took over, and he started driving into me hard and deep. We both lost control, but we came together in just minutes.

After we came down, I laughed. “I guess you really do want to see him fuck me.”

We continued to discuss it. As hot as the idea was, the reality was just scary. So many things could go wrong, and it could wreck us permanently. He assured me that we could take it slow. If we had any concerns anytime during the night, we could just say so and stop right there. Thomas would understand.

I was getting excited, so we laid down a few ground rules. Thomas would be gentle and respectful of us both. We had a ‘safe word’ to stop things, and Jason insisted that my ass was his, so NO ANAL. You will find out eventually how much I love anal.

Jason would be in charge. He would choose my outfit for the evening and have the last say on anything that happened. We were all set. He called Thomas, and he enthusiastically agreed to come over that evening for drinks around 9 p.m.

I was so aroused I climbed on Jason as soon as he got off the phone. OH MY GOD, did the rest of the day pass slowly.

We had dinner, and I started getting ready. Jason brought me a drink and laid out a dress he had purchased several months ago. I had never worn it because it would get me arrested. He said it was a dress, but it was lingerie without a doubt. He chose a pair of black 4″ heels to finish the ensemble. No bra, no panties. It all screamed “FUCK ME”.

This picture is not the actual dress. It’s long gone now, but this will give you an idea of my exposure. I was looking for a dress to put in this post, and when I found this, I bought it immediately!!! I’ll let you know how Jason reacts when I model it for him.

Hot Solid Halter Dress
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Thomas Arrives

Thomas arrived, and I could hear them talking. I was frozen at my vanity. The dress left me feeling exposed and vulnerable, but in a good way. I finished my cocktail and rose, having gathered the necessary courage.

The feeling in the room was electric when I walked in. Both men just stared as i approached. I said hello and kissed my husband, giving him one last look in askance, to which he smiled and nodded.

I turned and pushed Thomas onto the couch. Climbing into his lap, I kissed him hard and deep. “I hope you weren’t expecting a lot of small talk tonight,” I said. To which he grabbed me and kissed me even harder. I moaned and was pawing at his clothes before I really knew what was going on.

Thomas flipped me over onto my back on the couch and I squeeled with delight. I love it when a man just moves and tosses me around like i’m a toy. This was the first time anyone but my husband had done it though.

Our couch and loveseat were formed in an L shape, so looking to my left just a bit, I easily made eye contact with my loving husband as his best friend started kissing down my body, lifting my dress, and flicking his tongue through my absolutely drenched pussy.

It was fantastic. “OH GOD, baby. His tongue feels so good.” Jason was mesmerized, watching and rubbing his bulge through his slacks. I smiled and lewdly licked my lips. Thomas was Mozart with his tongue and it was just minutes before I told them both i was cumming. My eyes were locked on my husband’s as I orgasmed, and it was perfection.

No Going Back

Thomas quickly stood and removed his clothes. He knelt against the couch with his cock rubbing over my sloppy wet pussy lips. Funny enough, we both looked at Jason at the same time. Again Jason just nodded, but now he had his cock out and in his hand, slowly stroking. Thomas wasted no time slipping easily inside me. Time froze, and he held still, his body pressed against mine.

Jason sat down beside me, now fully naked as well, and he took my hand in his as his friend started a slow, deep grind, then withdrew completely to drive back in. Each time, it got harder and harder until he was slapping against my body with his. I let my legs fall wide open as he pistoned deep inside me.

“Jason, He is Fucking me!!! I’m going to cum on his cock” Jason was stroking, and the smile on his face said all I needed to know. “Cum on his cock, baby.” and boy, did I. I have a tendency to be quite loud when I orgasm, and today I was screaming. My orgasm triggered Thomas, and I felt him shooting inside me as I heard his growls. Once he finished, he gently kissed me and moved to the other side of me on the couch. There we sat, all three naked and relaxed.

I looked to Jason to make sure we were still okay, and he kissed me softly. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said, which made me smile.

I still had my dress on, but I had lost the heels somewhere along the way. Getting up, I made drinks and brought a few snacks. it was super sexy seeing the men sitting there naked and I knew i was not done.

Thomas stayed for a few more hours. He fucked me again; this time, we lasted longer, and several positions ended with me riding him on the couch until he filled me again. The whole time, Jason watched and, at times, kissed me.

Eventually, Thomas left and was taken to the bedroom. I thought I was going to shower, but I was pushed down on the bed with Jason deep inside me. I groaned and cried out as he drove hard into me, reclaiming me as his own. Commanding that I say his name and that I belonged to him. I went further. “Jason, I am your little slut, and I will do whatever you command. I will fuck whomever you choose.

I was officially a Hotwife and loved it!!!! I didn’t think a night could get any better, but I would be proven wrong.

Comming soon… The pool party.

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