I spent several weeks texting with my new friend. His name was Brian. He was 24 years old, and I loved trading pics with him. However, I had difficulty gathering the courage to meet him. Thomas was one thing. He was a friend, but this guy was basically a stranger, no matter how much we texted.

After a few weeks, he started getting the idea that nothing was going to happen, so the texts slowed and then stopped. I was a bit sad, but I understood.

Every couple of weeks, Jason would take me to a club or bar, and I would flirt and dance with the men there; then Jason would take me home, and we would fuck like crazy.

We had fallen into a bit of a routing…but a good one. Jason would choose my outfit for the night, and then once at the club, he would set boundaries around what I could and could not do. At times, he would give me specific instructions. Tonight, he wanted me to give a guy a handjob at your table.

After dancing with several men, I found my target, and I brought a guy back to the table with us. We had one of those big round ones that seats 8. Jason sat on one side of the guy, and I on the other. We had a few drinks and chatted.

We told him about the lifestyle we were exploring. Jason told him he could touch my pussy if he wanted as long as he was discreet. After a bit of uncertainty, he did reach under the tablecloth and found her set exposed pussy.

We played around, him fingering me, me kissing him, then I went for it. I took his cock out of his pants. He was alarmed at first. Over time, we have found that men are very skittish about being exposed in public. it was definitely something to remember for the future.

I was able to coax him out, and he had a lovely cock. I kept it under the tablecloth and began to slowly jerk him off. He sat back and let it happen. I loved the feel of a stranger’s cock in my hand, and it was powerful. I was completely in control of him. It only took a few minutes, and his hips bucked, and he came over my hand and his pants.

It was such a rush. I even looked at Jason as I licked my new friend’s cum off my hand. His eyes bugged out, and I could tell my little nasty act turned him on even more.

We helped him clean up, and I got his number because… you never know. 🙂 He left, we sat back down, and I started to say something, but Jason was kissing me hard. I was shocked, maybe a bit alarmed, and on fire. Jason had just kissed me with the residual cum of another man still on my lips.

We didn’t bother going home. We found the nearest hotel and barely made it in the room. He claimed me that night. Making me beg for his cock and beg to be his little slut. I was completely surrendered to him.

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