It is not easy to take the big step of actually inviting another human being to climb into bed with you while your husband watches. Most people interested in this lifestyle have never made it this far. To help you ease into this, we offer the hotwife simulator.

It took about three months of research and baby steps before we did anything with a third party. One of our wisest decisions was to take our time and push our normal boundaries a little at a time. I started flirting with other men in everyday life. We did things like getting dressed up and allowing myself space to flirt with strangers in a club or bar.

We played with webcamming and toys to simulate another man, and last was in a secluded booth in a dark bar where I jerked off a stranger while my husband watched. Each time allowed us to check in and see if we both enjoyed it and wanted to move forward.

First, start small. Give the Hotwife Challenge a try. You can start at level one and gradually expand your horizons. As you get comfortable, try some of the higher-level challenges. Be sure to keep up with your score.

We have four simulator methods to help you simulate what it might be like to include another man.

Hotwife Simulator 1 – The Suction Dildo Simulator

This was one of our first attempts to add a virtual man. Jason suctioned the dildo to the footboard of the bed. This was much better than our first attempt on a door. Using the bed, allowed me to slide my legs under the bed, get closer to the dildo and was infinitely more comfortable. You have the flexibility of your husband watching you suck and fuck this dildo, or he can join in, and you can experience a simulated threesome where he is sharing you with a friend. Be sure to talk dirty to each other. Tell him how it feels to suck another cock or get fucked by it while he watches. Involve him deeply in the encounter by talking to him and making frequent eye contact. Talk about how much you enjoy it and ask him if he is.

You could try my favorite, where your husband gives detailed instructions on what to do with your new lover. This gets me going every time.

I started with something similar to this. Today, this is my go-to suction dildo.

6″ Dong With Suction Cup

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If you are looking for something a bit more……robust. Take a gander at this! This bad boy will fill you up and more!

Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo

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Hotwife Simulator 2 – The Sex Doll

The Sex Doll is similar to using a dildo, but you get just a bit more emersion by being able to interact with the torso. I was able to interact with it in multiple positions. Just about any female in the top position will work with the doll. The magic came when we tried missionary. Jason lay beside me and pushed on the ass of the doll. I could wrap my legs around its waist and easily imagine it was a real man. Did it actually feel real? Of course, the answer is no, but it sparked enough of my imagination to create a bit of immersion in the fantasy. It turned me into a filthy-mouthed slut that night, and we both loved it.

This also gives your husband a chance to be in proximity to another cock. It will happen, so he needs to get used to it. Guys, you can’t be afraid of touching another man or his cock.

Having a male sex doll also offers some side benefits. If your husband is curious, he can play with the doll and see how he feels. This doll has anal entry as well. Jason even fucked the doll while it was fucking me, missionary. OH GOD ….SUPER HOT!!! More on that another time.

Realistic Male Sex Doll For Women

If you are feeling adventurous and are willing to pay the price, try Maverick – From Scilicone Wives.

Maverick - silicone wives

Full body doll with a detachable 8″ cock. Anal and oral as well. Take him for a spin!!

Hotwife Simulator 3 – Webcam Lover

This simulator does involve one or more other people, but you are safe behind your camera. When you start off, I suggest you keep your face hidden. This is not always a bad idea, but it is up to you. There are many anonymous and random webcamming sites to choose from, and we will provide some links to our favorites below.

Simply sign up for an account using the service. Many of these have a free option, or you can pay a bit and get more features like selecting the gender of the person you will be matched with. All that’s left is to start camming. You can see each other’s cam and share your voice. Do this with your husband and see how he reacts to you talking dirty to another man or even another man telling you what to do.

You should give one of these sites a try, but do not share any personal information with strangers on them.

You could also consider other options, such as professional webcam models, dating sites, or OnlyFans.

Hotwife Simulator 4 – Virtual AI Boyfriend

This one is fairly new. The advent of AI has opened up several new and exciting opportunities. We gave TryNectar a spin, and while it does have some issues (they all do), this one generated interesting results.

If you are unaware, these apps let you enter criteria to create a girlfriend; you can choose age, race, hair color, and eye color, to name a few. Frankly, you can enter anything you want if you can describe it well enough. This will generate an image. Once you are happy with your girlfriend’s picture, you can give her a name, a back story, and her characteristics, and even define her personality.

You can create a fantasy, but what we found interesting was the ability to Chat with her and build a story interactively. The images created are quite good so have fun.

Once logged in, Click Roleplay in the menu on the left. You can choose one of the girls or create one by clicking the little person symbol on a red background with the plus above the girls. This will take you to a page where you can create your girlfriend. In this case, you will create yourself. Give as much detail as possible, and you can start chatting with her when you are finished. You and your husband can role-play any scenario and see how the AI reacts.


These little simulators are a great way to roleplay the lifestyle and ensure it is for you. Start small with the Hotwife Challenge and use these simulators to expand your boundaries safely and enjoyably. Then, when you are ready, take the plunge and have an adventure.

see ya soon, Emma

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