I was just about to sip my coffee when my phone vibrated on the desk, disrupting my peaceful morning. Glancing at the screen, I recognized Clint’s name flashing there. My heart skipped a beat, knowing he was in town and had managed to find some time for us.

“Hey, you!” I answered, trying to sound casual as I put the phone to my ear.

“Jackie, baby,” Clint’s smooth voice echoed in my ear. “I’m in town for a day and’d love to see you.”

My mind raced with how we could spend this short time together. Clint was an out-of-town lover, a man I met during my business trip. We had an undeniable chemistry, and although we lived far apart, we always found a way to see each other whenever our paths crossed.

“Of course, I’d love to see you too,” I replied, trying to keep my tone light and flirtatious. “When and where should I meet you?”

“I have a hotel room just ten minutes from your office. I’ve already checked in and made myself comfortable,” he said with a hint of mischief. “Why don’t you come over right now? We can grab a quick lunch before we start and spend the rest of the day pleasuring each other.”

As much as I wanted to protest and tell him I couldn’t leave work, the thought of spending the day with Clint was too tempting to resist. I decided to take a long lunch break and meet him at his hotel.

“Give me twenty minutes, and I’ll be there,” I said, grabbing my purse and heading towards the door. “See you soon, handsome.”

As I drove to the hotel, my mind was filled with erotic thoughts of our previous encounters. Clint was an expert at seducing me, and I couldn’t wait to feel his touch again.

When I knocked on the door, Clint opened it with a wide grin, and my heart fluttered at the sight of him. He pulled me into a passionate kiss, and we lost ourselves in each other’s embrace.

“I’ve been thinking about this moment all day,” he whispered as we broke the kiss. “I’ve missed you, Jackie.”

“I’ve missed you too, baby,” I replied, running my fingers through his hair. “

We began to undress each other slowly, our eyes locked on each other as we revealed our naked bodies. Clint’s muscular physique was a sight to behold, and I couldn’t resist running my hands over his toned muscles. As I kissed his neck and shoulders, I could feel his cock growing harder against my thigh.


“I want you so bad,” he groaned, his hands sliding down my back and cupping my ass. “Are you ready for me, baby?”

“Yes, Clint, I’m ready,” I replied, my voice barely above a whisper. “Fuck me, please.”

Clint picked me up and carried me to the bed, laying me down gently as he positioned himself between my legs. He leaned forward and captured my nipple in his mouth, sucking and teasing it with his tongue. As he moved to my other breast, I arched my back, my body responding to his touch.

“Mmm, you taste so good,” he murmured, his fingers tracing circles around my nipple. “I can’t wait to taste your pussy too.”

Clint moved down my body, his tongue leaving a trail of fire as he kissed and licked my skin. When he reached my pussy, he paused for a moment, looking up at me with desire-filled eyes.

“I want to taste you, Jackie,” he said, his voice low and husky. “I want to make you cum so hard.”

I nodded my consent, and Clint dove between my legs, his tongue flicking at my clit. He teased me with his tongue, licking and sucking on my sensitive nub as I writhed beneath him. As he slid two fingers inside me, I moaned, the sensation of his fingers and tongue working in perfect harmony to drive me wild.

“Oh, Clint, yes,” I cried out, my hands gripping the sheets as he increased his pace. “Don’t stop, baby, please don’t stop.”

Clint continued to devour my pussy, his tongue and fingers working in perfect synchrony to bring me closer to the edge. I could feel my orgasm building, the intensity of my pleasure growing with each passing moment.

“I’m going to cum, baby,” I gasped, my body trembling as I reached the brink of ecstasy. “Oh, fuck, yes, I’m cumming!”

As I screamed out my orgasm, Clint continued to lick and suck on my pussy, drawing out every last drop of pleasure. When my body finally stopped shaking, he climbed back up my body, his cock hard and throbbing against my thigh.

“I need to be inside you, Jackie,” he said, his voice filled with desire. “I need to feel your tight pussy wrapped around my cock.”


I nodded in agreement, eager to feel him inside me. Clint positioned himself at my entrance, his cock teasing my opening as he slowly pushed inside me. I gasped at the sensation of his cock filling me, stretching me to my limits as he began to thrust.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good,” I moaned, my hands gripping his shoulders as he began to move faster. “Fuck me harder, Clint, please fuck me harder.”

Clint responded to my pleas, his hips driving into me with increased intensity. The sound of our bodies slapping together filled the room, our moans of pleasure echoing around us. As we moved in perfect harmony, I could feel another orgasm building deep within me.

“I’m going to cum again, baby,” I gasped, my body trembling as I felt the familiar wave of pleasure washing over me. “Oh, fuck, yes, I’m cumming!”

As I screamed out my second orgasm, Clint continued to pump into me, his cock buried deep inside me as he chased his own release. With a final thrust, he groaned, his cock pulsing as he filled me with his cum.

We lay there, panting and spent, our bodies entwined, basking in the afterglow of our passion. As the reality of our situation set in, I knew that I would have to return to work soon, but for now, I was content to enjoy this stolen moment with the man I desired.

“Thank you, Clint,” I murmured, kissing him softly. “That was amazing.”

“You’re welcome, baby,” he replied, tracing circles on my back. “I’ll see you next time.”

With a heavy heart, I reluctantly disentangled myself from his embrace and began to dress. As I gathered my belongings, I couldn’t help but steal one last glance at the man who had just rocked my world.

“I’ll miss you,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper. “Until next time, Clint.”

As I left the hotel room, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction and longing. Our secret rendezvous had been short but sweet, a reminder of our passion. As I returned to work, my mind was already filled with thoughts about our next encounter and the pleasures that awaited us.

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