Would you like to fuck Thomas?

I was speechless as the question hung like a thick fog. I was afraid to answer because the answer was YES!

After 10 years of marriage and 2 kids, I still deeply loved Jason. We met when I was in high school, and he worked for a very large company in the IT sector. We married when I was 19, and he was 27. Our sex life was fantastic in the beginning, and while it was still good, we had let things become a bit routine.

Let’s go back to the evening’s beginning. Jason and I had some friends over for dinner. There were 2 couples and a single friend of his. Let’s call him Thomas for the sake of anonymity. It was a lovely party where we played a game, drank a bit and danced the night away.

The two couples departed as the night wore down, leaving me with Thomas and Jason. I was feeling the warm effects of the alcohol; the music was soft and a bit sultry, and as we chatted, I danced with each of them.

I was dancing with both for a moment before Jason sat down with a drink and watched. Things got just a bit heated, and Thomas’ arms around me and his hands would roam ever so slightly along my body. I had to take a breath as I pulled away and ended the dance, not really understanding the reaction I experienced. I looked pleadingly at Jason, wordlessly asking for his forgiveness, but he just sat there smiling at me.

Thomas, now a bit uncomfortable, said his goodbyes and left. Nothing was said as we cleaned up and headed to bed. At least not until we got in bed. My body was on fire, and I was urgently pulling my loving husband to me. No foreplay was needed. I wanted him right then.

I opened myself to him, and he placed the head of his cock against me, stopped then he asked me.

My Answer

Would you like to fuck Thomas?

After an uncomfortably long pause, I stammered NO. that he (my husband) was all I needed and would never do anything like that to him. He could always see right through me and just smiled and pushed his cock deep inside me.

I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him as deep as I could, groaning in the pleasure his cock always provides. His mouth was in my ear, and he said, “It’s okay. I know he turned you on, and I’m not mad. It turned me on, too.”

I would not have believed I could have been more shocked than I was with the question, but his statement of arousal left me speechless once again. Now, it was his turn to be uncomfortable while waiting for my response.

We paused our lovemaking and had the most frank conversation of our marriage. He confessed that he had a long-held fantasy of watching me with another man. The longer we talked, the more aroused we both became, ending in the most urgent lovemaking we had experienced in years. I did finally admit that, YES, I did want to fuck Thomas.

Images of the night and how it might play out if Thomas stayed had me wild with desire, and I knew things would forever be different for us.

We talked frequently about Thomas over the next weeks, but I was afraid to move forward. The last thing I wanted was something to come between Jason and myself. One night, Jason came home with a new dildo. it had a suction cup, and he put it on the footer of the bed. It was his idea that we would pretend this was Thomas. That night I sucked ‘Thomas’ while Jason fucked me, then we turned around, and ‘Thomas’ fucked me. It was a very hot night.

We decided to try a bit more adventure. First, we did some webcams where I would masturbate and watch, or Jason and I would play. Jason even took me to a club one night and instructed me to flirt with other men. Boy, did I ever get into that!! I did get a bit carried away and made out with one guy before Jason rescued me. At some point, I will write more details about these adventures.

We continued like this until we finally decided to take the next big step

Ch 2 – Playing With Thomas


  1. I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your site during
    lunch break. I enjoy the stories and can’t
    wait to take a look when I get home.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It seems dangerous to mix fantasy and reality like that. Could lead to problems down the road.

  3. I find this quite unsettling. There’s a fine line between fantasy and reality that shouldn’t be blurred, especially in marriage.

  4. Really intense! It’s cool to see people being so open about their desires. It’s all about what makes the relationship stronger, I guess

  5. This story is a perfect case study for discussions on modern relationships and the fluidity of human desire. Very enlightening and bold.

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