After that night…

the subject was a major topic of conversation. It frequently invaded my thoughts, I thought it would be a passing fantasy. To the point where it occasionally drove me to masturbate furiously.

As I mentioned in the last chapter, we pursued a few adventures, sort of getting our feet wet before finally deciding to take the next big step.

Three months later, on Wednesday night during dinner. Jason casually mentioned that Thomas would come over for a movie Friday night.

I tried to be casual about it, but I was positively vibrating. My voice broke when I said, “Great, what time?”

“Seven……..So…….I see you are still excited about Thomas….”. I blushed furiously. Replying, “I’m scared, Jason,” I don’t want to fuck up our marriage. The discussion continued through dinner with Jason, assuring me he was excited about the prospect.

We talked about how it might happen and what we could do to make it both fulfilling and safe for us as a couple.

The decision was made to start small. We would see if Thomas would be willing to let me give him a blowjob. Jason thought this was a great idea, so we began planning for Friday night. After dinner, we went straight to bed. Jason fucked me with an animalistic desire I’ve not experienced from him before.

The next two days were painfully slow. Jason gave me some rather frustrating instructions to follow until after Thomas left Friday night. TWO FREAKING DAYS AWAY!!!

  • We would not fuck.
  • I was not allowed to orgasm or even touch myself
  • He could touch me, but even then, I was not allowed to orgasm.

Nobody believes me, but I KNOW it took 14 days for those 2 days to pass. I pouted, teased, and ranted. Anything I could do to get some relief, but Jason held firm. I still haven’t forgiven him for that….ok…that’s not true :).

Being Dressed

Jason took great care in dressing me for the evening. He chose a pink summer dress and sandals but forbade me to wear panties or a bra. Thomas would not notice the lack of panties, but the missing bra would be sooooo obvious. I was shaking with desire when he sat me down and put the sandals on for me, taking time to run his hands over my legs and rubbing my clit a few times.

Dressed for the evening

FINALLY, on Friday at 7, Thomas arrived promptly with Takeout in hand. I was giddy with excitement. The anticipation of what might happen drove me crazy, and knowing that Thomas had no idea what was in store for him made me devilishly happy.

Sure enough, Thomas noticed the lack of a bra immediately. I could tell he was struggling to avoid staring. It was an incredible turn-on feeling his eyes exploring my body when he thought nobody was looking. There is one downside to going pantiless. My own juices were threatening to run down my thighs. I felt like a dirty little slut, and I loved it!!

We finished dinner, but Jason told Thomas we had a proposition for him before we could start the movie. Thomas listened in growing disbelief as Jason told him about our new beginnings and that we were on a new sexual adventure. At last, he asked the question.

Would you let Emma suck your cock?

He stammered and blushed furiously, asking if we were crazy and serious before settling down. We both assured him that we were serious. I told him it was something we had been discussing, and after the party, we both knew he was the one we wanted to try with.

Another Man’s First Touch

While he was quite uncertain, he did agree. We said there were some rules.

  • We could kiss
  • He could play with my tits
  • He could cum in my mouth
  • He could touch my pussy, but he could not fuck me

Funny, he didn’t seem to have a problem with the rules, so I moved to the couch beside him. Jason sat in the chair close by, sipping his whiskey while watching.

Thomas was still uncomfortable, so I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed me back, and our hands began to explore each other’s bodies.

I was on Thomas’ right side, so I could easily see Jason and his reaction as things progressed. Incredibly nervous but aroused nonetheless, I pulled the top of my dress to my waist and let his hands play with my rather large tits. He kissed me again, then his mouth kissed down my neck, and his lips closed over one nipple.

I froze. How stupid could I be to not have thought about him sucking my nipples!!! Alarmed, I looked at Jason, but he just nodded, and I relaxed and enjoyed the feel of another man’s wet tongue on my body for the first time since we married.

We continued to explore each other’s bodies until I felt I was ready. Moving to my knees, I took his cock in my hand with one more look to Jason, who just nodded. I ran my tongue along the underside of the shaft, and his entire body stiffened. Gaining a sense of confidence, I took him fully in my mouth. His cock size was perfect for me, and I took him almost all the way before beginning to move up and down. I kept looking over at Jason, who now had his cock in his hand, stroking in time with me.

My First Taste

I loved the feeling of having a cock in my mouth while looking directly into my husband’s eyes. Thomas showed signs that it was too much for him and so I pinched the base of his cock and just rested my mouth over his cock head. He had this low growling sound that I found exciting. I told him to be patient. I wasn’t ready for this end yet. He just nodded as I stroked his cock very slowly.

I asked him if he was enjoying himself, and his answer was a moan and a nod. Looking at Jason, I said, “How do you like seeing my mouth on another man’s cock?” He smiled, saying it was even better than he had hoped.

hotwife blowjob

Looking back at Thomas. “Do you want to cum in my mouth? The mouth of your best friend’s wife? ” he said. “Oh Fuck, PLEASE!!”

I took Thomas’ cock once again into my mouth, moving up and down the full shaft, pressing my tongue against the base, and tilting my head slowly left and right. Just a little faster, and it was all he could take. I watched his eyes go wide, and the first streams hit the back of my mouth. Quickly looking over at my husband, eye to eye, I tasted the cum of another man. The first since we married. Jason was completely mesmerized.

I swallowed every savory drop as Thomas began to soften in my mouth. Gently and carefully, I licked him clean.

As soon as Thomas was out the door, I found myself pressed against the wall, AGAIN, my dress at my hips, and Jason urgently driving into me. We both came in minutes, then off to bed, where we later fucked again, reliving the experience.

In the post-coital bliss, I lay with my head on Jason’s chest. “Can Thomas come over next Friday? Now I know I want to fuck him. ”

Ch 3 – Playing With Thomas


  1. This narrative does an excellent job at detailing the psychological and emotional complexities involved in exploring such a lifestyle. The anticipation and the detailed planning speak volumes about the mutual respect and communication between Jason and Sarah. It’s an enlightening depiction for anyone considering a similar journey

  2. Is this really a healthy way to spice things up? It seems like there’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong. They should tread carefully.

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