It wasn’t until the next day that we really talked about what had happened. Everything had been hot and exciting the night before, but things were a bit cold in the warm morning light.   

I made breakfast in silence. I struggled to make eye contact with Jason as much as I tried. It was just too hard to face him. 

He was also quiet and lost in his own thoughts.  FINALLY,  he looked at me and asked if I was as conflicted as he was.  

I almost shouted YES. We talked for a very long time. He was still extremely aroused and fascinated by what we did, but insecurity bubbled under the surface like a low-simmering pot.  

I confessed that I had loved every minute of it last night, but this morning, I felt guilty as if I had betrayed him. 

Thankfully, we were able to assuage each other’s differing insecurities.

We decided to pause our extramarital activities for a time and see how we felt.   We finished breakfast, and without a word, he took me to bed, where he made love to me.  It was exquisitely gentle this time, and I’ve never felt more connected to this man. 

Several weeks passed as we lived our normal lives. He told Thomas about our plan, and of course, he understood completely. I’m happy to say that our adventure didn’t hurt their friendship.  

The Pool Party

Summer arrived, and with it, our annual pool party.   We both look forward to it so very much.  As we were setting up, Jason asked how I felt about continuing our lifestyle experiment, as he had begun to call it.  

I was hesitant.  I wanted more, but who knew how he was feeling.   I steed myself and said, “I want to continue, but it’s more important that we agree.  

I was so relieved when a big smile crossed his face, and he confessed his desire to continue the experiment. We discussed our disconnect from last time, and this was our introduction to reclaiming. I will discuss this later, but we agreed that he must reclaim me after an encounter.

He continued, “I have instructions for you today.” I was giddy!

No matter how hard I pestered, cajoled, and seduced him, he just kept telling me I would have to wait until the time was right.   

The party was a blast.  We had around fifty people, which continued through the afternoon and into the early evening.  

I wore my new pink thong swimsuit, which was a bit scandalous.  Some of the wives were not so happy, but the husbands didn’t mind at all.  The new me just didn’t care as much as I used to.  

Sneaking Away

Around six, Jason pulled me aside and said Thomas was waiting for me in the study.   I had 15 minutes to go upstairs and return filled with a cum filled pussy.    

I blushed furiously, and I think I came just a little.  Nervous energy and electric excitement had me shaking.  

I was soaking wet, and I kissed Jason savagely, then almost ran inside.    As I approached the door, I stopped.   If I did this, we would return to a path filled with excitement and uncertainty.   

I knew Jason loved me, and it felt like we both wanted this.  The last weeks had been the most connected and, definitely, the hottest it had ever been.   The sex had been amazing!!!

I made the decision and entered.  I said nothing, turning and locking the door before leaning back against it with what had to be the goofiest grin.  

Thomas came over and pressed me hard against the door as his mouth devoured mine.  Breathless, breaking the kiss, I said, “We only have about 10 minutes left, and I’m on a mission!”

“I know all about it”. He replied as he led me to the setee, bent me over, and slipped off my bottoms.  It is quite erotic to have a man undress me, even if it is only one item.   I was soaked already, but this just made me gushing.  

Without pause, he slipped his trunks down and practically slammed into me. Without letting up, he took hold of my hips and drove hard and fast like a piston. 

I held onto the setee for dear life with both hands as Thomas aggressively fucked me.  

Turns out we only needed five minutes.   I was out of control, doing my best to stifle my screams as I orgasmed.   

That was all he needed, and he began pumping his load into me.    

I collapsed, but Thomas took my swimsuit bottoms, slipping them over my feet and back into place. “Jason asked me to make sure I secured the proof for him,” he said with a rather evil-looking grin.  

He kissed me once more and, checking the hall, slipped out unseen.     

I laughed with a mix of relief, satisfaction, and joy.   

I had to return to the party, but I was a mess.   Cum was leaking from the woefully inadequate coverage of my pussy.  It was going to be obvious to anyone.  

I found a wrap in our bedroom, freshened up a bit, and then went to find my husband.  

He was standing by the caterer when I found him.  I embraced him and whispered to him. “ I have a dirty little pussy, baby.”   

We slipped into the laundry room, of all places, and he commanded, “Show me.”    

I sat on the washing machine, spread my legs wide, and pulled my bottoms to one side.    Thomas’ cum was leaking down my legs, and my cunt was a gooey mess.  

“You are a good little slut”.  He ran two fingers through my cummy slit, then put them to my lips.  I sucked hungrily, then he kissed me with another man’s cumin in my mouth. I was stunned, but it was so fucking hot.   He laughed at my reaction, lifted me to the floor, and we returned to the party.    


We started setting up for the party early in the afternoon.   I greeted the caterers and helped them organize in the kitchen.   

A pleasant surprise was one of the waiters.   He was in his early 20s, blond and sexy as fuck.   I was shamelessly flirting with him from the start, and omg, did I want him bad.  

Ever observant, Jason cornered me, “Find a new Toy?” He asked.  I kissed him hard and said “he is hot,  I bet he has a nice cock.”

He smiled, kissed me again, and said nothing more.   As we got into bed, I got a text. it said

“Hey beautiful, this is Robert, the waiter from your party. Jason gave me your number.”

Then he sent a pic of him from the chest down, and guess what….. He did have a nice cock.

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