September 25, 2019

My confession

I have a confession. What I am going to tell you, you are not going to like it. So before you get mad, upset and start asking questions, I want you to listen to understand and not listen to respond. I will attempt to tell you all the details, but I will get lost in the moment.

I fucked your wife. Not once, but like 15 times. I fuck her hard. I fucked her like the whore and slut she is. I fucked her on your bed, couch, table, In hers and your car, while you were at work, when she said she was going to the gym, when it took her 3 hours to go grocery shopping for only a few items. That time when she was helping a friend well, my cock was stretching her wet pussy.

It started as two people who wanted to have more sex outside our marriage. We know what the consequence were since she was a military spouse and I, a sponsor , but we decided to go ahead and try it out.

The first time I went to your house, you went to work at 0530 to work. I was in the parking lot waiting until I see your car pull up and I went straight to your place.

Meeting your wife at the door we knew their was no need for small talk. I step inside your house and we sat on your couch. Your wife got on her knees and pull my hard back cock out. Impress how big it was, she said that this was the biggest cock she ever seen. We talked about her previous sexual relationship before you and she never been with a black guy before, but now, she was now a believer and know why it’s called a BBC. Her hands were resting on my thighs and she began to suck my cock. This was the first time your wife ever had a black cock in her mouth and the first time she sucked another man while being married. Yes it felt wrong, but we both love it. While your wife was sucking my cock and one of my hand helping her, I took a good look around your place. I was in complete awe seeing a several pictures of your too hugging each other, on fancy trips and your wedding photos.

I reach over and smack your wife hard on her ass and she moan and giggle with pleasure. I stood up and asked her “are you ready for this black dick inside your pussy” and she replied “I am been ready for it. I told her to get on the couch with her back towards me, arms on top and to look me. I pull some baby oil from my pocket and drip it over her beautiful ass. I began to oil up your wife ass and stuck my mainly fingers into her pussy. First it was one and one quickly became three. I put one foot on your couch and pulled your wife hair to bring her back to my chest and kiss her like man would kiss a women to let her know that he wants her. I rip open the condom and put it on before I put it deep in her pussy.

My first stoke is always slow and deep. You must understand that your wife pussy has been accustom to your small cock for years and their is no reason to pound it out of shape… yet. After my first stoke, your wife must have felt something that she never felt before or I awoken something that was deep inside her. She yelled “fuck, your dick is big” and continued to moan in pleasure. After a few stroke your wife started to back her ass up towards me and took every stoke deep in her pussy. She went faster and faster. I grab her hair and pull on it and start fucking her back. Each stoke she moans, and she yells “keep fucking me daddy, I am going to cum”.m and let out a primal moan. I pick up the pace and her feet that are around my claves locks and pull me in, preventing me from just stopping or pulling out . Her body tightens and moments later relaxes. She loosens up her grip around my leg and starts giggling. She told me that she never came life that before.

Since we are running short on time, I turned her around so her back is on the couch. I pick her up and pull her close to me. Our bodies touching and her legs over my arms. With no assistance, my hard cock was able to penetrate your wife pussy. With our bodies lock, my around under and around your wife pulling her close, I started to fuck your wife again. I can feel your wife body squeezing mine. She about to come again. I go hard and this time the strokes she gets sounds like a slow clapping sound. As i am reaching climax, I sit up and put my hands around your wife throat and looking into her eyes as we both cum as the same time.

I continue to pump my seed into the condom until I my ball were down a quart. I left go of her throat and pulled away and I noticed that my cum was dripping from her pussy. “Fuck the condom broke” but she did not share the same expression. Truthfully, she did not care. she was turned on it even more. She love the ideal of a black man cumming deep inside her pussy. She asked me “did you do that on purpose , are you trying to breed me” with a smile on her face. I push her back down on the couch and used what hardness I have left in cock and shove it hard and deep into her pussy. I back to it first breeding session, I put my hand around her throat and continued to fuck her. As I start to fade away, I gave her one more hard deep push. This is I star their, our bodies press against each other and I told welcome to the beginning of becoming a BBC slut.

This is the first time that I fuck your wife. It was not supposed to be anything more, but her first BBC, first time cheating, how hard she cum, the way my cock stretch her pussy, the accidental breeding, inside your house while you were at work and her becoming a BBC slut was to intense and created so much sexual potential between us. It was no way that We could not see each other again. And we did, but this time.

By: Mystery Soldier


September 8, 2019

My Cuck Fantasy

It began several months earlier, I had approached my wife and discussed my desire to share her, but not in the way that she or most women would consider. Before she could say no I explained that my desire was not to be swingers, was not for me to join in a 3-way with her and another, but to watch, just watch. Confused I told her about cuckoldry, and how I have long had the desire to submit to this fetish and watch her have sex with another man. Never mind that I would prefer the bull to be a black man, but I just needed to start with the definition and idea. She was against it at first but as the months went on, I would roleplay this idea with her in bed. It never turned her off, in fact sometimes it seemed to add some fire to our sex.

The next step was to go to a bar and where I would enter before her and take my place in a booth far away from her. She would enter and sit at the bar entertaining conversation and drinks from strangers. When we got home each time the sex would be hot, she was so turned on. Finally we decided that it was time. To keep her at ease we decided to try this out of town, this would minimize us running into anyone that we knew.

We checked into a hotel near a street of bars. After check-in, we went to one bar after another, finally finding one with people that look like they were in business to get laid. As usual I sat away from her for a while, and eventually to my surprise and pleasure a black man befriended her. They spoke for quite a while, drink after drink, my cock grew hard watching it all go down. Finally she pointed over at me and they both walked over. I shook his strong hand and we began to chat. He asked us both if we were sure, of course I was and my wife with a bit of a buzz agreed too. We cashed out and headed back to the hotel room.

Once in the elevator he took her hand and held it. Whispered into her ear and they exchanged some kisses that I caught in the reflection of the elevator mirror.

When we arrived at our floor he told me to lead the way, him holding my wifes hand a few paces behind me. I could just sense how turned on my wife was and I could barely get the key card in with my trembling hands. Once inside he instructed me to undress my wife while he sat on the bed. Once disrobed he told me to sit in the chair and not move.

Upon his direction she undressed him, him playing with her tits and feeling up her wet pussy. He had a massive cock, one I’m sure neither my wife nor I had ever experienced first hand. He told her to suck his cock. She struggled to get even half of it into her small mouth, slurping and drooling with every deep thrust of his massive cock deeper into her mouth. Finally he pulled her up from her knees and placed her on her back onto the bad. The sound she made as he entered her pussy for the first time is one I will never forget. She moaned and made noises I had never heard. He fucked her for a few minutes, flipped her over and took her from behind, pulling her hips close making each thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy. She moaned even louder, “yes…yes” was all she could get out. After a few minutes he flipped her back over, pulled her face close to his cock by her hair and she began to suck his rock hard cock. It glimmered in the wetness from her pussy. Returning her to her back he fucked her harder and harder. By now my cock was out and I was jerking off fast and hard, just as I was cumming so did he, deep inside of her womb, both of them letting out noises of complete satisfaction. Once he was done, he told me to get him a towel, which I quickly fetched for him and brought to him. I was a loss for words, all I could do was thank him. I could see in my wifes eyes that she was completely satisfied and exhausted.

He kissed her passionately, looked at me, winked and said “That is how you do it Cuck”. He dressed himself and before he left wrote his number on the hotel tablet. “Call me if you guys ever come back”

With that he left, my wife showered and before I could get to bed after my shower, she was fast asleep. We both slept great that night and the next morning returned home not speaking once of it. We both knew that we were hooked.

By: CuckSally


March 20, 2019

Master instructs me

I was planning this afternoon from instructions that my online Master had given me a couple of weeks ago. I had been away from home on holidays with my hubby, we had a fantastic time. He’s gone back overseas for a short stint and I am left to play up.

I had a loan car as my car was at the repairer being repaired. They rang me around 1.30pm and said to come and pick it up. I had organized to pay a friend of mine from work a visit a specific task my Master had asked of me. I have an African friend whom works in the same building as I do, he is a big man, tall, muscular and well endowed. He lives in a suburb near our repairer and shares a house with 3 other African guys. All three are also muscular, fit and well equipped. A while back I used to visit this household and haven’t done so for some time. When I used to visit my friend John and I would fuck in his bedroom and it was not uncommon for one of the other guys to either join in or take me off to his bedroom after John was finished.

I got out an empty back pack and put in two leather ankle cuffs, two leather wrist cuffs, four small padlocks all keyed the same as well as five pieces of black rope each about three metres long. I also put in one large padlock. The key to the large padlock I threaded a length of nylon string into a large loop so I could hang around my neck. In my drawers of my bedroom I found two long T Shirts one white and the other black. I folded the Black one and placed that in the back pack as well. Before leaving to pick up my car and visit my friends place I had a shower making sure I smelt nice a clean and shaved anywhere that might needed it. I buckled on my black leather collar around my neck and locked in on with a small padlock. This collar is about one inch wide. I put on my long white T Shirt and stood in front of the mirror noticing that it was kind of see through. Wearing slip-on sandals I picked up my back pack full of toys and headed off to the repairer.

When I walked in the door of the motor vehicle service centre all three guys sitting behind the desk sat up and looked like they were going to pop out their eyeballs. You see by this time of day the afternoon sun was shining on that side of the glass walled building. When I walked in through the door my dress would have been virtually see through. Before I could say anything all three jumped up to serve me and noticed that there was some stuttering going on in their voices as well. They bought my car around to the front for me and two of them made sure I got in safely. When I sat in the driver’s seat my long T Shirt was sitting quite high on my lap and I am certain that they got a glimpse of my nakedness beneath. Amazingly there was no charge for this repair.

I drove off towards my African friends place stopping about a block away near a park. I opened up my backpack and got out the cuffs. I buckled on both the ankle cuffs and locked them with the small padlocks. One by one I did the same with my wrist cuffs making sure that the D Rings of all of the cuffs were facing to the outside except that the wrist cuffs have a second set of D Rings on them. Satisfied that I was ready off I drove around the corner pulling up out the front of my friends place. It was a very hot day so I expected them either to be out in the back yard under their verandah in the shade. I hung the key to the large padlock around my neck, retrieved the large padlock and rope from the back pack, got out of the car and headed to the front door. I dropped four pieces of rope to the ground between my legs. I tied the fifth piece of rope to the D Ring of my collar and let it drape down in front of me. The large padlock was unlocked already, I spread my legs wide directly in the doorway and rang the doorbell. I quickly put both my wrists behind my back and locked the large padlock to both wrist cuffs so I was now helpless with my hands behind my back.

The front door opened and standing in the doorway was John, a tower of a man. He smiled and picked up the rope from the ground in front of me, he grabbed the rope attached to my collar and pulled me inside. He led me through the house out to the backyard where one of the other guys whose name is Dave was sitting beneath the verandah. John announced to Dave look what the delivery man left on our doorstep and I could see his face beaming. Both the guys already had their shirts off and looked pretty cut and relatively cool. John’s cock is long and fat whilst Dave’s cock is just long. Put it this way I can hold both of their cocks with two hands along the shaft and have some left over. John got the rope I bought and started to tie my legs apart to a verandah post each side with me facing the back yard. With the third bit of rope he tied to my wrist cuffs and the other end to the verandah beam. He pulled it up so now I was forced to bend forward. Next they started tugging at my shirt and I could the snipping sound of them cutting off my T Shirt. This was the reason I packed a second one. John had already taken the key from around my neck. After they cut off my T Shirt they cut it into several long strips and made it into a blindfold. This blindfold didn’t take long to fall off anyway. I felt so vulnerable and quite helpless tied naked with legs spread and arms up behind my back and bent over. They both kept on drinking beer and sitting behind me. Every now and again I felt a sharp crack, one of them would whip my arse cheek with a thin bamboo garden stack. My whole body would flinch at the sudden pain and I would moan slightly. Then they would trace that piece of thin bamboo over my naked body, down my back, between my arse cheeks, up my inside thighs, around my pussy lips. I was getting so turned on by them teasing me. Dave got up stood in front of my face and dropped his shorts to the ground. His long cock sprang to attention directly in front of my face. He grabbed my hair and tilted back my head pushing the end of his cock into my mouth. I sucked eagerly on the head, working the rim, flicking my tongue into the eye. I could taste his precum forming. John was at this stage behind me fingering my pussy. He commented on how wet I was already. He had fat fingers, he was working two of them inside my pussy and the tip of his thumb into my arse. It wasn’t long before my first orgasm flooded through my body. John pulled out his fingers and rubbed his large cock up and down my pussy and arse crack. I could feel how hard it is but it was the wrong angle to fuck me there.

They untied me from the verandah posts and led me inside to the lounge room. They stood me at the back of the couch at the middle point and pushed me forward over the back. They tied my legs wide apart with the rope from the ankle cuffs going to the legs of the couch and coming back to my legs so they could tie my knees apart as well. My arms were still cuffed behind my back. I was very exposed and spread wide apart. The rope through my collar was tied off under the couch holding me in the bent over position. By this stage my pussy was soaking wet, Dave stood behind me and pushed his cock into me. I let out a moan of pleasure as I could feel his rock hard man hood work its length into my tight pussy. His hands were holding onto my waist as he fucked me long and deep strokes. All the guys in this household are well hung, there is no way I can or would do anal with them and I even struggle to get my mouth around their cocks. Because of the position I was tied in I started to have numerous orgasms, He kept fucking me for ages. I was almost screaming at this stage and oblivious to everything around my.. Next it was John’s turn to fuck me. He is a big gentle man. He applied some cold lubricant to his shaft and my pussy, my body jerking slightly at the coldness. Slowly he wriggled the head inside me, it was spreading my pussy lips apart. Initially it hurt but slowly bit by bit he worked it in until he couldn’t go any deeper. My pussy was stretched and filled with this huge cock. He knows that he could do some serious damage to me but he is very gentle. Slowly he started to fuck me, Oh my god I was close to passing out with the pleasure of his huge cock sliding inch by inch inside of me. Dave knelt in front of me and his long shaft up against my lips. Whilst I was being slowly fucked by John I licked the head of Dave’s cock. They both took it in turns to fuck me from behind.

I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had, at some stage a third guy from the household, Marko turned up. I didn’t even notice him walk in. His cock still big but shorter he method of fucking me was fast and furious. They untied me and led me to a bedroom. They had moved the double bed ensemble into the middle of the room. John unlocked the large padlock, took the remnants of the failed T Shirt blindfold from me then fixed a length of rope to each wrist and ankle cuff. They pushed me back into the middle of the bed then tied off each of the ropes to the bed legs at each corner. There I was in the spreadeagle position with now three naked men standing around with hard cocks staring down at my totally helpless body.

The fourth guy of the house, Andy returned home from work and came into the room. He saw the other three cheered and ran off to have a shower. John, Dave, Marko and Andy all took it in turns to fuck me. Whilst one was fucking me another had his cock at my mouth, the other two had their cocks in my tied hands. They fucked me for almost five and a half hours until all of them finally cum in my pussy, my mouth and over my body. These guys produced copious amounts of ejaculate I was covered in it and when I was untied to jump into the shower it was running down my inside thighs.

After yesterday’s experience my pussy is still recovering today. By the way thanks to ebay new long white semi translucent T Shirt is on the way.

by: Laura_AUS


March 17, 2019

DP Cuck at work

Just came across this incredible hotwife today, here’e one of her stories!…

Today I got two of my bulls visiting while cuckold was on work, and he do not know anything about it. Looking forward to send the first snap to him. I find my fish hole dress and liquid latex, and after a shower I place myself in front of the mirror. I make my + on my breast and some other marks where I like some darker marks. I wish I could use some extension, but I know we get starting with the sex this hair will be gone in no time.

I looked at my self in the mirror as i took on me my eyeliner, I could see in my eyes that I was so ready for this. It is so perfect to have some bulls who can come to me day time, make the day at work a bit more exiting for my cuckold.

Then after a new hour, my bulls entered the house. They slapped my pantie free butt, and kissed me deeply when they saw me. We started slowly in the living room, bout bulls where already ready when I got so far that I took off them the pants. On the way to the bed, one of the bull went behind me and fingering my clit. Every step i took , made a new shock of pleasure.

As we entered the bedroom, it took my bull only few seconds to thrown me into the bed, and place himself behind me and press in my ass. I open my mouth to let out a moan, but before i knew it a cock was placed in my mouth.

I was taken as a train, and I love it. I tasted my bulls pre-cum as I licked and kissed his cock. I placed it far down in my throat until I felt the need to break me. Bull grabbed my hair and I had no chance to stop. Bull took his phone, called my cuckold on facetime and when he answered, we put the phone on a table so he could see what we where doing.

As my bull pressed me down in the bed and the cock pressed in and out my ass, I let out small moans. The bull I was sucking, lay down in the bed beside me, and gave sign that he wanted to fuck me. I turned around and lay on top of him, and he started at once to press his cock into my pussy. At the same time as i felt he widen me out, The other bull followed us and placed himself between my butt cheeks. He pressed into my as and I was filled up in both holes.

I bowed my head and then throw it back, my breath was increasing and i do not last long this way before my first orgasm was coming. I worked on holding the climax back and i bit my lip as the fucked me hard and fast.

I Felt the warmth and tingling feeling, and I just let it go. I moan loudly and my body was shaking. I love DP and this is one of my favorite positions, I can tell you a bit more about the DP tomorrow. It is so fantastic and so sexy.


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January 19, 2019

Hubby loans out wife

So excited to hear from my number one favorite wife Jackie and her Husband Jason.

Hubby Loans Out Wife

Jason writes…

My wife Jackie is not fond of being called a whore. She doesn’t mind being called a slut, which she kind of likes but does not want to be called a whore or a cunt. Fair enough, I will have to tell all the guys that fuck her not to call her a whore anymore. Some will be disappointed because part of their fun is calling her a slut and a cheap whore when they are banging her pussy and ass. Labels don’t really matter that much. My wife may or may not be a whore or a slut but she is certainly a Hotwife. I personally think she’s a whore, a slut and a Hotwife, but, I’ll respect her wishes and not call her a whore to her face. I can’t guarantee that all her “dates” will respect her wishes. In the heat of pounding their cocks into her pussy one or more of them might blurt out “Take all my cock you fucking whore!” and mean in all in good fun.

In the case of Max, He emailed me a couple days ago and requested a “date” with my wife. Max lives out of state but was here on business like so many of Jackie’s “dates.” Max was a gentleman and asked if I could have my wife available for him to fuck on Thursday evening after he’d finished work. I checked with Jackie and she had no plans for Thursday night so I set up the “date” and time for him to meet Jackie in the bar of a restaurant. Curiously , right before I drove my wife to meet Max he texted me and asked if he was going to have to pay to fuck her. He assumed she was a whore for hire and I made it clear that my wife was not for hire and she would give him her pussy for free. Max was delighted at the news and relieved I think and felt better that she was a “dating” wife and not a whore.

I don’t know if the “whore: label or lack of label was a factor but Max really enjoyed kissing my wife. He kissed her continually and passionately before, during and after he fucked her. It occurred to me that if she was a “whore”, he may not have kissed her at all and just fucked her face then her pussy and sent her on her way like many guys do with her. He didn’t call her a whore when he fucked her either and enjoyed her so much he has already made another “date” for her services when he returns to town in a couple weeks and my “dating” wife Jackie is looking forward to her 2nd “date” with him!

So as Shakespeare said “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!”











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August 23, 2018

Your Wife’s Pimp

For the past two years I’ve been tormenting one of my little cuckolds. He has slowly come to accept that his precious house wife is nothing but my eager little fuck toy. He even attending her collaring ceremony last June, acting as “Least Man” and literally giving away the bride. At the end of it I had him kneel in front of her while I fucked her hard and deep from behind. He stared into his beloved’s eyes while she told him how much she loved me.

I have recently been pimping her to close friends. She collects money from them and then kneels and lays it at my feet as an offering. I take perverse pleasure in making cucky describe me as his wife’s pimp.

I totally control their sex life. She is mine, after all, and I don’t like sharing her without compensation.

It was the greatest personal victory on Saturday when cucky asked me, in his humblest voice, if he could pay me for the privileged of having sex with my whore, his wife. I am still considering it.

by: ConquerDisciplin


August 13, 2018

Bar Pick Up

This fantasy is all about my wife, it’s about what she wants.

She’ll be at the bar alone you need to find her and start the seduction. The very first part of the seduction is that you can carry on a conversation. You need to be interesting, funny, and most of all not pushy. Let’s just slow things down and flirt with her. If things are moving in a positive direction she’ll give you signs like turning towards you, you need to find the opening to give her a nice short sweet kiss which will set the tone for the rest of the night. Depending on how conducive the bar is for some public sex you two now start to get serious.

The public sex phase of her fantasy involves very erotic touching in a very public place without getting arrested. She has got plenty of experience with this so the key is I know how to dress. She’ll wear the thinnest, and tightest leggings commando so when she stands up close to you at the bar and gives you a nice long kiss your hands can cup her ass cheeks and it’s almost like your touching her bare ass. Maybe you two find a dark corner to kiss again and now you move your hands up her loose fitting top to find her braless tits and caress my nipples until their hard. The final phase is at the bar she’ll stand next you with her legs apart so you can slide your hand up her thighs and start to caress her pussy lips below the bar, just gently guide your fingers back and forth on her pussy lips through the very thin material while you kiss her. When you feel wet pussy ask her to fuck you.

My turn on is to watch you two all night from across the bar. Again this is what I want so if you’re not into this I understand, maybe the night ends here or maybe you go somewhere to fuck. It all depends on the chemistry between you two and where this is happening. If you two decide to go somewhere to fuck, I will need to be involved at this point, she will tell you I’m across the bar but its OK I like to watch. She will task me to get some water and beer and text me the location, I will show up after you two get warmed up together. When I arrive it’s time to vocalize things for me , tell me how good her mouth feels on your cock, how tight her pussy is and how hard your going to cum.

Depending how good you make her feel we may be friends for a long time after this special encounter.

By: openwife hubby


July 19, 2018

Mandy at Hedonism

Here’s a diary update from gorgeous Hot wife and creampie Queen Mandy Monroe with a diary update of her visit to Hedonism in Jamaica.

Jamaica Dress Up

First Day at Hedo:

Once the Florida trip was over, Tyler and I head across the water to Jamaica. I had never been out of the country. I was nervous about that. It all went smoothly going through customs and we arrived in this beautiful amazing green place. The people were a gorgeous deep chocolate color. We got on a bus and travelled over an hour to the Hedonism Resort. I enjoyed watching out the window at this island that I have never experienced but heard about many times. We did get teased a bit by the driver that we were going to get naked. Well yeah! Maybe he was just jealous. The people at the resort were so friendly and escorted us to our room right away. The rooms are simple and clean. We get unpacked and look out at the view of the water and beach. Naked people are even walking by the window in our room. I couldn’t wait!! We wanted to get to the pool as soon as we could. We decide not to waste much time getting naked and heading to the pool area. We were a little nervous since this was our first time at a clothing optional resort. We had been to several secluded hot springs where you could be naked, but very few people were at those. This was different since there were going to be a lot of people and from all over the world. People you would just sit and visit with… naked. Seems so crazy and amazing! There was already a good size group hanging out at the pool. That’s why you go there! We decide to take a deep breath and embrace it and just walk to the pool… all fears set aside. We find some seats and Tyler goes to get us drinks so we can relax. I’m hoping there is plenty of alcohol in those drinks! I just want to chill and sit in the sun and watch the naked people walk by. We find some seats and get to the sunning. Not too long before people are introducing themselves and chatting with us. One couple had been there many times. They love it and it’s their little get away. I went to get another drink and the bartender told me we don’t get your quality of people here and also that I had a beautiful body. I didn’t understand that. I saw so many hotties around and considered it to be quite a compliment. So off I went with my pina colada to sit in the sun more and enjoy the down time. Later that evening we went to dinner. You have to be clothed and its themed each night. This particular night was a simple black theme and I’ve included pics of what I wore. We had met one particular couple by the pool and visited with them quite a while. We decided to meet them at dinner too. After, we headed to the afterparty. People were having fun and dancing and you could find people fucking everywhere outside. We somehow got separated from that couple and eventually we headed back to our room. Not long after, we got a knock at the door. It was that couple. I let them in and they had that look. The hubby shut the lights out on his way in the door. The room was very dark. My eyes couldn’t adjust that quickly so I couldn’t see a thing. No one said a word either. I was led by one of them to the bed. Then I feel the other one touching me. My clothes are slid off me. I don’t know at this point who is doing what. Is my husband helping? Is he being touched too? I have no idea but I go with it because there is a hand lightly on my pussy and I am paralyzed. I eventually gain some movement and I help in the touching. We play for a very long time in the dark. My pussy is worn out by both men and filled a few times. I know the wife was worn too. I did get a chance to eat her out at some point in the night. Once they were done, they left as quietly as they came in, hubby and I fell into an exhausted slumber for a while. Before the sun came up we went for a walk on the beach and had sex in one of the beach chairs while the waves crashed. We held each other for a long time watching the sun rise and feeling the cool breeze blow over us.

Kisses, Mandy

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

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June 14, 2018

Creampie Slut GF

I have seen a SERIOUS puddle on the floor dripping out a natural ladies pussy. I was introduced to the GB scene in TN around 2002 in a coupe of swing clubs in TN. One night around 2008 we gave a nice looking 40+ yo gal enough loads that there was a puddle about the size of a dinner plate on the concrete floor below. It was a busy night at the club with about 200 people. This gal had been fucking groups of men with condoms for a few years and was moving to into the new area of creampie gangbangs after she had enough drinks to loose all inhibition. She would start by bending over to suck a cock in an open area. She always wore only a plain black dress. Guys who knew her type of action could just walkup behind her while she was sucking, raise her skirt, stick a cock in her and shoot a load. So rather than running down her thigh, the cum immediately dripped onto the sidewalk. She did not look around to see who was fucking her. She was very skilled at reaching back between her legs and guiding cocks into her pussy. Until she got lubed up with cum she would spread her medium tight pussy open and guide the cock in with one hand in one motion. She was positioned in a spot on a sidewalk that led to a garden and the only smoking area for about 200 club patrons. Lot of patrons were walking by anyway and people were going back inside the club to get their friends to fuck her or just watch the spectacle. Lots of couples and solo guys were watching. Her BF was grabbing guys from the crowd and passersby, saying “ come on over, you have not taken your turn yet”. I did not have to be asked twice. Thanks to recruiting activities of the BF there way always another man line to step up and give her a load. Her pussy was very nice and every guy who was up for Bareback got in and left his load. Not just sloppy seconds, more like sloppy 20ths. In 16 years on the GB scene I have never fucked a more sloppy pussy. I saw her take on all cummers several times, but there was a big crowd there only that one time. She was in the scene for years but I have not seen her since that club in TN closed. Lots of us guys here in Tn would love to provide the booze if we just knew where to contact her.

by: trainengineer4u


June 1, 2018

My Birthday Gangbang

My partner and I have done couples play and swingers parties, but nothing that centered the attention solely on me. I am a very sexually active woman. Even being teased by my partner for being insatiable. So when he told me he wanted to put together a gang bang for my birthday present, I was thrilled. Then I was nervous. Then I was apprehensive. Then I was “ I can’t do this, I’m 52 years old.” Then…After a couple of weeks of incredibly kinky sex with my lover, where he would whisper in my ear what was going to happen, I changed my tune. Then it was… “OH Hell Yes I Can Do This!!!!!”

A hotel was booked, condoms were purchased and bags were packed. As the evening drew near my nerves were still protesting but my mind (and my pussy) were ready to go. I had read a couple stories on here but still wasn’t sure what to expect. I liked one woman’s ideas behind wearing a blindfold. So I put one on, climbed up in the middle of the bed, and waited. As I sat there my mind raced with all the possibilities. How many would show up? What size cocks will I get to play with? That thought caught me up short. I love playing with cocks, I love the feel of a cock getting hard in my hand, I love the texture in my mouth, I love cock!!!!!! I want to see the variety I knew were on their way up in the elevator. I want to SEE!!!! Off came the blindfold, the door opened and it was GAME On…

For the next two plus hours this 52 year old woman fucked her way through half a dozen men. I was in heaven. I had cocks, I had big cocks, I had small cocks I had fat cocks and I had skinny cocks. All beautiful…..All for me… The feel of one sliding in and out of my mouth, fingers pinching my nipples, hands rubbing up and down my thigh, were more than enough to vanquish any lingering thought of doubt. Cocks filled my mouth, cocks filled my pussy. If I reached out with my hand there was soon one there as well. I was fucked in one position then turned or flipped to get fucked in another. On my back, on my side, on my knees, pounded to orgasm after orgasm.. Mouth pussy ass no hole left unattended. As soon as one cock emptied another took its place. Grunts and moans got louder, bodies slicked with sweat, orgasms erupted. Mine, theirs, ours, over and over. It’s a heady feeling to know you are the center of all that pleasure.

I thank my wonderful partner,the love of my life, for giving me this exquisite opportunity. The first thing I said to him after it was all over…AGAIN…MORE. I want to thank all the amazing “gentlemen” that made this “mature” woman’s birthday one she will not soon forget.

I also want to tell all the “mature” women out there, DON’T let the thought of age get in the way of a truly awesome experience!!!!!!! I WILL be doing this again…

By: ldyluvn

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